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And Then There Was Music

Music has the ability to calm the mind, transport you to a different place and even bring back memories of someone you miss.  Personally, I find it helps me move my thoughts from something stressful to something relaxing or uplifting. 


Having music around the house or on the back patio is easier than you think. Sonos is a wireless music system that allows you to have speakers all around the house and even outdoors without the need for wires. 


Gone are the days of having physical CDs and a limited music library. Sonos is driven from a simple app on your phone. It streams music from all the most popular music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Prime Music to name a few.  They even offer an attractive soundbar that you can put below your TV which will enhance your TVs audio and play music.


The best part of the Sonos system is it can play something different in each area or zone or you can easily group them together to play the same song.  Yep, instant “party mode”!


If you’d like to transform your living room or business into one that is inviting, beautiful yet fully functional, give us a call.  We’d love to help you explore these and other ideas to make your next project the one everyone can’t stop talking about!

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